Bad Mommy...

Have I ever mentioned how much she LOVES Dora?
That is a Dora couch that pulls out to a "nap mat'
which she loves as well

Little Spooner LOOOOVESS books, and ANYTHING that has to do with reading.  I even get her to sit on the potty by giving her books and as long as we are reading she is sitting.  So it dawned on me the other day when a co-worker of mine brought a flyer from the Public Library that WHY haven't I taken Little Spooner to the Library?? I made sure they had board books (because Little Spooner loves to rip paper pages out and bring them over to show you), and they even have a story time that I am now privy to! I loved going to the Library as a youngster (still do), I cannot believe that this option had skipped my radar! So low-and-behold I go to take Little Spooner to the Library on Saturday and they are CLOSED! Not for the day, but for the next 2 days for carpet cleaning!!! I was soo excited to see her face when she saw all those books, but I guess the time will come. For now we will stick to reading the same 20 books at home...
"Oooooh, camping with Dora and Boots"... it NEVER gets old (to her at least)


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