Ships A'Hoy!

This  past weekend was a first for me. I was completely unaware that there was even such a thing as the Port of Cleveland, let alone the Cleveland Tall Ships Festival!  Turns out I actually Tailgated at the Port of Cleveland prior to a Kenny Chesney concert a few years back... Not quite sure HOW I could have possibly forgotten that...

I was first made aware of this festival when one of my besties was taking her kids down to watch the ships sail in (we couldn't go that day but it sparked my interest)... Being the mommy who wants to "take action" instead of waiting for life to happen, I decided that this is something that Little Spooner and I were going to do. So with Nana in tow, we headed to the festival after church. The weather was great, a little over cast, but it was breezy being on the lake, it was not raining, and the sun was not beating down on us... What more could you ask for?

Little Spooner thought the ships were pretty cool too. She kept her eye out for lots of Pirates... She had a blast with her Nana as well. It made me think that maybe a life at sea would not be too shabby. How open and freeing it would be to be out on the water 24/7. I will definitely have to own a boat someday. I guess I'd take a yacht as well... :)

For some reason my Instagram photos will not load up to my Blogger. But you can follow me there Mommy_Spooner or you can follow me on Twitter now @Mommy_Spooner (of course). Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday week and weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed my "extended weekend" from work! Had a great time with family and friends!- Mommy Spooner


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