Everything is Perfect When You're A Liar

Someone once told me that this song held a special place in my heart... Sure does! Please enjoy while you read.
I wonder what it must feel like for some people to look at themselves in the mirror. That their entire life is built upon lies and the "person" they have created only exists in the stories that they tell people.. and that the people that "think" they know that person, don't even know the half of it, or the depth of darkness that has gone on inside that person for so long. Because I am sure that if people knew the half of it they wouldn't care to know, or even be associated with, that person. But from the outside, that person seems "awesome". But really what that person might as well have been doing all along is giving you the bird every time they lied to you.. how awesome are they now?
I can "understand" (to a very small degree, for example: "This dress only cost me $35"- when really it cost $50) the need for someone to lie to their significant other (spouse, gf/bf, business partner). Or to "omit" certain happenings. For whatever the reason. It causes conflict, and for most people that is the ideal situation... No conflict, no fighting, "life is good". I am for sure not supporting these acts, but I know why people do it. I would never say that I have never lied. I will never try to justify the lies people tell, but WHY!?!?! What I cannot understand is the need for people to lie to people when it doesn't matter anymore... If you aren't in a "relationship" where it would matter where you spent your time, or who you were with, why would you feel like you would need to lie about them?

I am forever chained to one of these people. I am constantly instilling into Little Spooner right and wrong. The difference between telling the truth and telling a lie. I pray on a daily basis that she does not inherit these awful behaviors from her surroundings and our society today. I am not really sure how some people miss these lessons in life... Or chose to completely disregard the proper way to treat other human beings with respect and courtesy.  It sickens and saddens me to no end.- Mommy Spooner
Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar by Kelly Oxford. #Kobo #eBook
Everything "seems" perfect when you are a liar.

P.S. I really wish peoples pants would catch on fire when they lied, or their nose would really grow... how funny would it be to just watch someones pants completely burst into flames the minute the smallest lie left their lips?? Hilarious


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