Lemony Delightfulness and Fireworks

This post is a little bit late, but better late then never right? :) Especially when it comes to a delicious dessert like The Barefoot Contessa's Lemon Squares . I made these delightful treats for my families July 4th barbecue. I have been wanting to make these, and craving them, since I saw the episode of The Barefoot Contessa about 2.5 years ago!
While perusing The West Side Market in Cleveland, I decided I was going to make them, and purchased a whole heap of lemons (there might have been 8). Little Spooners Nana purchased me a cheese grater that I used to "zest" enough lemons to give me 2Tbs of lemon zest (I believe it took 7 lemons for this), it worked. Wasn't the easiest, but it worked. :)
Little Spooner insisted her uncle (my brother-in-law) try one because "it will put a smile on your face". :) I was quite impressed with my ability to make the lemon curd. Some of the squares got a little crispy around the edges, but even with a little browning they were truly delightful. The tartness of the lemon curd, combined with the buttery sweetness of the crust, and the sweetness of the powdered sugar on top, the perfect mixture. I followed Ina Gartners (she's the barefoot contessa) recipe (again because I love her show, and her home), and I was very pleased with my results. Might have taken them out of the oven a little bit earlier to avoid the browning.
I will tell you this. I might not be a great cook, but I sure can bake (pending I have a good recipe to follow). That does not go to say that I haven't had some downfalls in baking either.. but my baking skills far supersede my cooking skills.

We began our 4th of July bright and early at the West Park Cleveland Parade with the Spooner clan and family. The rest of our Fourth of July festivities included hitting up Bay Days that evening. Little Spooner was able to ride a bunch of rides with her cousins. She got to ride the Ferris wheel with her daddy (because Mommy Spooner refuses to ride on the death trap known as the Ferris Wheel). Rides were followed up with a fantastic (as always) Fireworks display. If you have never experienced the 4th of July in Bay Village I must say you are missing out. It is a tradition my family has had since I can remember as a little girl. Having grown up in Bay it holds a special place in my memories, and I want Little Spooner to have those special memories as well.
The end of the night was a little rough, and somewhat emotional for me, but it is all part of this growing/healing process of Little Spooner growing up with divorced parents. I am so lucky to have such a supportive family, and amazing support from Music Man as well. He truly is a trooper through everything, and he is constantly being nothing but understanding and supportive. While Little Spooner appears to have dealt almost seamlessly with our split, I pray every day that she will continue to be so well balanced and aware that no matter what, she is so loved by everyone involved, and that there are no future repercussions of this situation for her. Hopefully this has all happened while she was still very young, and she will be so well adapted to the way our lives function.- Mommy Spooner


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