Another Check Mark on the To-Do List

As the weekend comes to an end, and I get ready for work, I have to say it was a wonderful weekend. I actually woke up early on Saturday morning (7:30 at that), read some of my new book that I am really into (for another post... you are curious now aren't you?) and got to go running (for the second day in a row) with one of my besties. Got to spend some quality time with Music Man and got to visit the church he grew up in and spend time with his family. It was really great to get a little more insight to who he is, where he has come from, and more importantly where he might be headed :).

In-between all of that, I found time to cross off another task on my "to-do" list. I bought a mirror for Little Spooners room a month or so ago. I had a vision for what I wanted it to look like, but wasn't quite sure.  So her and I took a trip to the craft store on Thursday. I am not sure if she enjoys these trips or loathes them... I'm pretty sure as long as she gets to touch the pretty fabric and become mesmerized by all the glitter she is all good (but aren't we all?). She got to pick out the color of the glitter and the color and type of flowers, and here is what we came up with...

"Over the door" Mirror ($5 at Wal-Mart)
Fake Flowers (50% at JoAnn's- $7.99 total- didn't use them all either, so enough for a bonus project!)
Modge Podge (probably $5 bought it a long time ago)
Spongy brush for applying the Modge Podge (maybe .50?)
Glitter ($3.99)
Hot Glue Gun ($2.99+ 2.99 for the glue sticks)

So I started out by spreading newspaper and coupon ads all over my CARPETED living room floor. Not sure what part of this project did not scream at me to "DO THIS OUTSIDE!" or "Maybe this would be easier clean-up on the kitchen tile?", but it didn't. So I layered the living room floor with newspaper. Then laid the mirror on the paper, and Proceeded to paint small sections of the mirror frame with Modge Podge. Then I sprinkled it with the glitter. I was careful to line the inside of the mirror as well with paper, so that a TON of glitter was not getting all over the mirror itself.

This itself took only about 20 minutes (if that). I was even being pretty careful to not just dump the glitter, I was using pretty conservative glitter technique (yep, I think I'm going to patent that idea).

Here is how the Glitter looks up-close. Little Spooner wanted to use the really fine glitter for this, and that itself would have not been a good idea. At least this is easy to see and clean up, and washes out of hair and off of skin easily. The super fine glitter would have remained on me for quite some time, and I probably would have had some explaining to do to my place of employment, and convince quite a few of my coworkers that I was not moonlighting somewhere other than the hospital for a few extra bucks (things might get a little tight, but not quite that tight, thankfully for any of you who frequent establishments of that nature).

And here is the finished project... Yes I did hang this on the wall with the amazing 3M Command strips that I am oh so obsessed with. Little Spooner has not seen this yet. She was spending the weekend with her Daddy. She will get home tonight while I am at work, and so hopefully she will see this and be very happy! The pink and purple coincide with her "Princess" themed room. I think she will love it.

Now off to work this Mommy goes.  So glad to have a job where I am surrounded by great friends, that make work so incredibly enjoyable. Not that I do not already love my job enough. It's pretty awesome!- Mommy Spooner


  1. I LOVE this!! I am going to put that on my list of TO DO for Pollyanna for sure!! Thanks for sharing the photo and the tips!
    I will definately do it outside!! LOL That's the stuff that makes memories!!


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