Quite the Ruckus

I did not take this picture...
Let me start by stating that yesterday was a weird "rainy" day. It was somewhat sunny, but pretty much rained/drizzled throughout the entire day, and humid. Not conducive for fun with Little Spooner.

By the end of the day, the weather wasn't bad at all. I put Little Spooner to bed, enjoyed a beverage out on the patio with Music Man (that was until the biggest fly/bug hit me in the ear... so loud). Continued to catch up on  a few episodes of "Arrested Development", then went to bed. As I was laying in bed watching Chelsea Lately, at the same time, my phone and television began alarming loudly warning me to "seek shelter" because of a Tornado warning. For what seemed like a few minutes, but I'm sure was only a few seconds, I sat thinking "no way is this really happening". Then the alarm continued to warn me that a "tornado" was located 13 miles north of Avon Lake (for those of you that live in the area I do, know that 13 miles of Avon Lake is Lake Erie, making that a water spout) and was moving south east at 30mph. That was my cue...

It was at that moment that I jumped out of bed, grabbed the flashlight I keep on my dresser, for just such occasion, went in to Little Spooners room and promptly took her down into the basement. Placed her in a papsan chair and covered her up (my basement is cold). She barely batted an eye. I then proceed to run upstairs (when I say "run",  I mean I was running) to grab my purse, an outfit for Little Spooner and I, some pillows and blankets (incase we were down there for a while), a few water bottles, some books for her, my phone charger and a few sentimental items that would fit in my purse. Now we were both in our pajamas, and it was about midnight. I was preparing for a disaster, Little Spooner still sleeping... I was NOT going to be the mother on TV in her pajamas with her hair all a mess. We might have just gone through a tornado, but we were not going to look like it. :)

I then proceeded to call my close friends and family. I woke up my parents, my boyfriend, my ex-husband, and attempted to reach his parents who I thought might be sleeping and wouldn't hear their phone alarms going off. I even considered going over to my 98 year old neighbors house to see if they would need anything, or a basement to borrow. I'm pretty sure I missed my calling as an employee of FEMA or the Red Cross...

By the time this entire production was finished, they lifted the county Tornado warning for the county I lived in (approx. 12:45). I then placed Little Spooner safely back into her bed, covered her up, carried my "disaster supply" back upstairs and hopped into bed myself. Where I proceeded to lay in bed for about 30 minutes longer incase the weather man changed his mind. Only to be woken up at 2am, with what I believe was a woman or small child screaming bloody murder, and the loudest storm I have heard in a loooong time (mind you I slept through the hurricane this past fall). I shot up out of bed, peering through my mini-blinds out of all windows of my house expecting to be a witness to a murder outside, but nothing... It was a weird night in the House of Spooner last night. When I asked Little Spooner this morning if she remembered going into the basement she said "No Mommy why would I sleep in the basement??".

What would you grab at a moments notice if a tornado were coming towards your house?- Mommy Spooner


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