Bah Humbug

I know it has been a while, but I have not been feeling very inspired lately to write. It is Christmas, and I am just not in the Christmas spirit. I am excited for Little Spooner this year, because she really grasps the idea of Santa, elves, Frosty, baby jesus, and all of that stuff. I think she is my only inspiration for this holiday season. Just another moment of feeling like my life is just not where I feel like it should be. Maybe because the end of the year is approaching I have been looking back and reflecting on the mess of a year I have had. I went through things this year that many people have no idea about. The more I look back, the more of the old feelings it conjours up. While I reflect back on everything that occured, while it does upset me, I cannot help but feel like this coming year has something special in store. I think starting after Christmas I need to somehow work through these feelings of regret and let go of my grudges. I might have mentioned before that I am reading "The Hapiness Project". The book itself is wonderful and has helped open my eyes to things in my life that I can focus on and try to change to improve things like relationships, parenting, and personal wellbeing. I am starting a journal of my resolutions for the oncoming year. Once the list is complete, I will be posting it on here and updating it as I go. I need to put everything out there and hold myself accountable to me. - Mommy Spooner


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