First day of School

So it is not "REAL" school per se, but Little Spooner is involved in preventing teen pregnancy (I hope). The public High School here in civilization has what is called a Family Consumer Science Class (aka: Home Ec). And for 1 month the students put on "Play School Pre-School". Where they take 3-4 year olds for an hour a day Mon-Thurs and put together little lesson plans and activities and snacks for approx 15-20 kids. Well Little Spooner is potty trained, and has no attatchment issues (and has a 4 year old cousin in the class as well) so she qualified for this class. But I am sure the kids have their hands full with this one...
We do pack a backpack for her, with extra big girl pants and pants in general (just in case), but she was more than excited for the first day. Every morning seems to be a struggle though because she wants to wear her pajammies to school EVERY DAY!! And everyday we have to go through the whole reasoning of why we cannot wear our jammies to school. And as you can imagine, trying to "reason" with a very smart 2 year old is not easy. But dropping her off went well, she did not cry at all, actually did not even fuss about us leaving her there. :-( Made me a little sad, but she is our big girl. Anywho... she loves it and every day it is something she can look forward to (and it gives me an hour at the gym for this month). - Mommy Spooner


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