This handy invention got me through my morning. Daddy Spooner is up at 3:30 (also called the un-godly hour of the morning). Usually it doesn't even phase me but for some reason this morning I heard the alarm and didn't fall back asleep. Did I mention that bring ungodly?? It's awfull. So I have been up since 3:30am and Little Spooner just woke up at 8:30. Due to these circumstances I was craving something sweet/tart ( a real pick me up). This Dole Shaker did the trick. You just add your favorite juice to the fill line and shake. Amazing! No blender no crushing ice... And still fairly good for you. Glad I bought 2 at the store to try out. I also passed it along to my sis. Pray for me this morning, hoping I can survive- mommy spooner


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