When life hands you melons...

.. you might be dyslexic (thank you Uncle Guy for the laugh of the night)! My younger brother (I cannot say little brother any longer) can be quite witty when he wants to be.  This blog is to promote this amazing idea that I witnessed on "Shark Tank" this afternoon.  www.toygaroo.com .  It is a site very much similar to netflix, only you get to "rent" toys! I am hoping to try this out soon.  Imagine all the money (and space) we could save by never having to actually purchase toys ever again!

On a more seasonal note, is that Little Spooner got to attend her first Easter Egg Hunt (2 at that) today.  The first was a "small" Hunt at Church, where she enjoyed "finding" eggs, and running with "Oh No" (as she affecionately calls my father at times).  It was so great to watch her pick up the eggs, she was not even excited about what was in them.  She just wanted the plastic eggs. The second was a much "muddier" event. In a big park with probably close to 400 people.  That one was complete chaos, but she was still just as excited to pick up the plastic eggs, and cried when we took them all away.  As her "cousins" opened their eggs and were soo excited for their candies, etc, she was picking up the plastic egg pieces yelling "EGG! EGG!" Oh to be that excited by the simple things in life, she is a constant reminder that joy can be found in finding a cheerio in the bottom of your car seat and its like being handed $100 dollars. 

Very excited to hide eggs with the little one, and take LOTS of pictures in her adorable Easter Dress this year! Crazy 8 is hands down my favorite place to buy her clothes, little girl appropriate without being ridiculously "childish". Our mantra is that we do not dress Little Spooner in clothes we wouldn't be caught dead in.  Happy Easter to all... Mommy Spooner


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