Baby Snuggler

Do these not scream "I want to sleep through the night"??
These cozy looking Baby Snugglers are a project I took on for a friend who is having a baby. I had to wait 2 weeks to post this though because I finished them 2 weeks prior to her shower (this was VERY difficult to keep a secret). I know what you are thinking, "wow that's being on the ball, and very much not like Jessica". I concur.  Surprisingly these were much easier to make than I first thought they would be. I purchased the book below about 9 months ago, with the aspirations of making Little Spooner and my nephew lots of amazing cute things... and then 8 months ago life happened and all of those aspirations were side tracked.
Simple Sewing for Baby- Lotta Jandotter
When I found out this friend was having a baby boy I knew I had to make something incredibly useful.  The one item I always tell new parents-to-be about is the swaddler (and the amazing Boon spoon- which I am not sure if they make anymore, but they make a spoon attachment for the plum baby food packets- GENIUS). I had things like this when Little Spooner was a baby, and I attribute her sleeping through the night so early mainly because of these. She loved the comfort of being swaddled, and they kept her nice and warm.
So to make these bad boys you don't need a whole lot of supplies...
1 yard of a cotton or flannel fabric (I used flannel)
1 yard of micro fleece for the inside (or you can use 2 yards of the lighter fabric)
1 spool matching thread
Straight Pins
1 yard of Velcro (you won't use all of it- 1 yard was enough for both of these)
A sewing machine (thanks to Muh for lending me hers)
scissors (duh)
The book provides all of the patterns you need to measure and cut. Along with all the directions. Each one of these only took about an hour. The first one maybe an hour and 15 minutes. Once I finished the first one I had a way to make the second one faster and without all the holdups of the first one. I would take you through step-by-step like a good blogger would, but unfortunately I was so wrapped up in making these I forgot to take pictures of the process. :) Here are some more pics of the finished products though. When I make more, which I am sure I will be, I will be sure to track my progress.
I'm sure I have made my grandmother happy with my love for sewing.
Happy sewing -Mommy Spooner


  1. Do they have patterns for adult sizes? Lol i'll take one :)


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