Mom of the year!

This one might be TMI for the day, but I had to share... Today I'm pretty sure that I earned the Mom of the Year award... The day started out really well. Church this morning, lunch, than Sledding (at the most underused sled hill in the city of Westlake apparently--- which is a story for another day), relaxing time, than Superbowl parties. So we drive home from the party, which was wonderful (always good to catch up with people you haven't seen in FOREVER), get the car in the garage, get Little Spooner in the house and we're getting ready for bed and the thought strikes me... I forgot to buy pull-ups today. The feeling of fear only lasted for a minute when the Macgyver in my strikes... I am clearly not going to go back outside in the cold at 9pm to purchase pull-ups. If it were some how acceptable to leave my child in the house alone for the 15 minutes it would take me to run alone to the store I totally would have, but leaving a 3 year old home alone is frowned upon. And even if I would have drug her out to the store, I couldn't have even left her in the car... again, frowned upon. Not that I want to do any of these things, just life would be a little easier I think at times.

I digress... The Macgyver in me springs into action, grabs a "pad"(feminine napkin if you will- who calls them that anyways) out of the cabinet and placed it into her undies. You bet your sweet bleep I did that! She was a little confused and then while I was dying laughing on the bathroom floor she began laughing. Made it all worth it... I'm really tired- Mommy Spooner


  1. that is really funny, i would have done the same thing. hey maybe if it works and they are cheaper than pulls up...keep using them :) hahaha


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