Little Spooner Down

July 13, 2011
Little Spooner had her first bloody nose yesterday. She took it like a trooper, and didn't even realize what was going on unitll we took that mini-kleenex-turned-tampon and she saw the blood on it. Then a bit of panic ensued. Does it make me a bad mom that the second thing I thought of after, stop the bleeding, was take a picture? :) I didn't think the pictures would have the same effect without the blood smear across the cheek.

I promise I am a good Mom. Just wanted to show you all what a trooper she is. :) And also on the note of being a good mon, I generally do not let her run around in her diaper, but she kind of resembles a little hillbilly baby in these pics. Figures.
Not much else is new. Finished a few dresses yesterday, and as soon as I get all 3 girls together for a picture I will post them! Enjoy the day, and let the sunshine in!
Mommy Spooner


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