A Baby Revealing Party

Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing some friends that we have not seen in a VERY long time, and it is actually the first time we have seem then since venturing back to civilization. Our good friends, the Kuch's (Bryan and Theresa), are expecting not just 1 baby but 2! TWINS! So they had a Baby Revealing Party last night. It was soo cute! They had 2 cakes and inside each cake there was frosting that was going to be pink or blue, to reveal the sex of the babies. Each grandma got to cut a cake to "reveal" to all of us what they were having. And 2 BOYS! Sooo exciting.
Whenever we are going somewhere that Little Spooner will not know a lot of people we always try and "prep" her for the people she will meet, to avoid the shyness. So we go over names of people, and practice saying hello to people. We practiced Bryan and Theresa's names, and we also prepped her for the babies, and how Theresa had 2 babies in her belly. She was overjoyed by the concept. After all that practice, she went about reading her Animal book, and Daddy Spooner and I were treated to Little Spooners rendition of ... Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
I cannot help but laugh, and almost cry, about how big she is getting, and how much fun we have with her. Again, I cannot even imagine having to only give her my partial attention by having another one. I know we will have more kids (probably many), a little piece of my heart breaks though trying to imagine being able to love another child, on top of loving her as much as I do. I guess if my parents could find enough room in their hearts to let those other two children they had into their lives (even though we all know they love me the most!) maybe I have it in me to love more kids as well.


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