Girl on a Mission

It has been a while.  What has sparked my desire to start blogging again is my recent decision to travel across the world to Madagascar.  My Church Harvest Ridge is sending a group of people to Madagascar to help build a church (that is the primary reason for going, nobody can be too sure what God will have us doing once we arrive there).  I have always felt a desire to do missions work and was called very early in my life to do that work.  Unfortunately I made my own plans in the past and ventured off the course.  But that course gave me a beautiful, amazing, daughter and has allowed me to grow and I am working on getting back on course.  

So a trip to Madagascar is not cheap.  I have spent some time trying to think of creative ways to fund raise for this trip.  I definitely would rather not just send out letters to friends and family asking for donations.  So I did what all young people (yep I'm still young) do when they are looking for answers... I google'd it and came up with this website called bonfire funds.  The person, or organization, that is trying to raise money designs a t-shirt and then the website sells the t-shirt and the organization gets a portion of the profits from the t-shirts. Here is the link to where the shirt can be purchased.  It is pretty basic, but I wanted to use the colors in the flag of Madagascar.  

I also plan on making some crafty items and selling them.  Some of these items include Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin seat covers and swaddler wraps. So if you know of anyone having a baby (if you work at my hospital you certainly know someone) feel free to reach out and contact me to make something awesome for you!

I wanted to thank everyone in advance for your support and for helping live out this dream I have had for a VERY long long time.  - Mommy Spooner


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