Making Progress

Some of you may be aware that Little Spooner and I have relocated to a new home. For a "seasoned" blogger, I have been terrible at taking before and after photos of the house as we make changes/paint/decorate, etc...

One if the biggest projects I've taken on has been painting all of the trim in the house. It was a natural wood color, and I have painted it all white! One of the first rooms I wanted to tackle was getting Little Spooners room pained and decorated. She was not incredibly sold on the idea of moving so to excite her I let her pick out her new bedding and wall color. We have gone away from the Disney princess theme, and moved on to a more neutral decor (and by neutral I mean won't have to buy new bedding for a while decor).  Needless to say that did the trick.

The picture you are seeing is the project I tackled today. I have been wanting to buy a bookshelf for Little Spooners room for quite some time. All the ones I wanted to buy were upwards of $70 or more. And being tight on space I took an idea straight out of Pinterest... 
Rain gutters for bookshelves! I went to Lowes and purchased a 10ft piece of vinyl gutters for $6 and cut it into 2, 4 foot pieces. I also purchased the end caps for the gutters.  Lowes would not cut the pieces for me so P-papa did it in the shop. All the Pinterest directions said a hack saw would do the job but I'm just not strong enough or didn't have a sharp enough blade... Plus everything is waaay easier with power tools! 
Then I un-systematically (is this a word?) measured out where my screws and drywall anchors would go. The stud finder I was using was a little inaccurate so I didn't chance it. Then I drilled holes into the gutter itself to allow the screws to pass through easier. The tape acted as my guideline so that the shelves were straight. And voila! Bookshelf! I am going to be hanging a piece of string above this with some cute mini clothes pins I found so Little Spooner can hang her artwork in her bedroom.
As you can see I still need to paint her window frame and her closet door. . She loves the bedroom and bookshelves! I will try to be better about taking photos and blogging about all the projects and changes we make... Young House Love better look out :-)- Mommy Spooner


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