4 and Fabulous...

Already to go home from the hospital 10/2009
(Hold onto your hats... I'm crying as I type this... There is a song at the bottom of the page that is quite fitting)
For the past week I have been avoiding the fact that Little Spooner is turning 4 this weekend.  Mostly because I cannot even believe it.  When someone asked me at the park how old she was and the words "she will be 4 this weekend" escaped my lips, my heart broke inside. I mean, just yesterday we were packing her up into her seat that seemed 10x too big for her to leave the hospital.  Never in my life could I have imagined then, the little girl she would be now.  Excuse me while I gush...

First Birthday
Even before she could speak, her personality shown through.  Always the smiley baby.  Very rarely fussy, and an amazing sleeper.  When I say I was truly blessed with an amazing first born, that is no exaggeration.  She even survived a giant snow storm in early October a few days after we got home and had no power (or heat in the house) for almost an entire morning/afternoon.  There was A LOT of cuddling going on in our house that day.  

To look at her now, I can hardly even grasp how much she has grown.  I am pretty sure she has been twirling and dancing since she could walk. With both parents being pretty athletic in their younger days, of course we would be blessed with a ballerina.  Watching her dance just brings so much joy to all of us.  She is the light in all of our lives.
Second Birthday

It is common knowledge that I once made the comment that "babies are not even fun until they are 2"... That comment was made before she was born.  I was never a "baby person" before I had my own.  I was never dying to hold another persons baby.  I told my mom at one point I never wanted to get married or have kids, and I was going to just be "Cool Aunt Jess". There are days now though that my favorite time is in the morning when I wake up and she has "sneaked" into my bed, and she is quiet and so peaceful and I can just hold her. 
I couldn't even begin to imagine my life  without her.

3 years old- I wish I could have froze this moment in time
Over the past year she has shown me how resilient she is.  Her being so young through the divorce is probably a blessing in disguise.  Not that it was a bad or messy situation... She has taken all the change in stride, and it's like she didn't even skip a beat. I thank God that she always knows that she has 2 parents (along with step-parents if they ever enter the picture), and 2 families that love her unconditionally no matter what our family "dynamic" might be.

Little Spooner is truly her own person. She is loving, caring, smart, stubborn (not sure where she gets that attribute), hilarious, not to mention beautiful. When I see her, I see everything I have ever hoped for her to be (easy Bette). I would normally say something about how I cannot wait to see how she changes over the next 4 years...and while I can't wait, I hope and pray it doesn't go as fast as the past 4 years have. I know that in 4 more years she really won't be a "little" girl anymore (at least in her eyes she won't). As the birthday weekend commences, I am sure I will be a basket case for the next few days. Then it will be over, and I will be fine until this time again next year when she turns 5...- Mommy Spooner


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