My New "Thing"

Think long and hard about this... Do you have a "thing"? By "thing" I mean a hobby, or something that makes you, you? Some people have photography, running, painting, building, gardening, reading, etc... That is their "thing".  I was honestly thinking the other day about how I don't really have a "thing".  I work, and I take care of Little Spooner, but what could my "thing" be? I do not want to be defined by my career, and as much as I love being a mom and that is a good majority of who I am, it is not the "whole" me. I "enjoy" working out, but not to the extent that it is my "thing"... the last thing people probably think about when they hear my name is "exercise", lol. The second to last thing they probably think about is "outdoors"... For a girl who has a serious case of Ichthyophobia, I would probably be the last person you would think of who's "thing" would be what I am about to share with you... As long as I can remember I have LOVED being out on the water.  If I'm on a boat, I am a happy girl.  The idea to even try what I am about to share with you, came about last year.  Unfortunately I never made it out to give it a try.  This year I was determined, and on a sunny Wednesday afternoon I'm pretty sure I found my "thing".  

With one my Besties in tow, Little Spooner and I set out on our first ever kayaking adventure down the Rocky River! Little Spooner was hesitant at first, and not incredibly excited about the idea of kayaking (but I'm pretty sure she had no idea what a kayak was). With one trip, I was hooked and so was she.  It was not nearly as difficulty paddling as I had anticipated, or perhaps the Pure Barre classes I had taken (over a month ago) really did improve my upper arm and core strength! 

I loved it so much I went out alone, early on the following Saturday morning and had coffee on the river! Who would have thunk such a thing would be happening? It is like the water has been calling me to it this summer, and I have finally answered the call.  While I have taken my phone the past couple of times to capture pictures/memories, it is so liberating to leave the phone in the car, and escape for an hour or so.  I look forward to the day that Little Spooner and I have our own kayak, and can go exploring longer/bigger rivers, and eventually she can have her own and we can do this together.

Muh Spooner getting in on the kayaking action!

We have rented kayaks at two different places.  The first one was 41 North in the Rocky River Reservation portion of The Metroparks.  Then Jenn and I rented from West River Kayak in Vermillion (just across the bridge and under the water tower). You really cannot beat the cost to rent a kayak, for a single it is $15/hour plus $5 for each additional half hour. The tandem is $20 an hour with $5 each additional $5/hr. They also rent paddle boards, which I am pretty sure you will never catch me on one of those.  

It makes my heart feel good when I ask Little Spooner what she wants to do today, and she responds excitedly, "can we go kayaking?!??!".  Do you have a thing? What is it, or what would you like it to be? What do you want people to think of when they hear your name? I hope to become more outdoorsy, and embrace the nature and beauty around me, and to help slow down Little Spooners and my days together.  She's only little once, right? I have also been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and really focusing on what Gods plan for my life could be.  Why am I in this place, embracing this phase of my life, and how is God going to use me where I am right now. I have been reading "The Resolution for Women" by Priscilla Shirer and I have really enjoyed the insights she shares. 

Some more home projects, and pletny more adventures are coming up, stay tuned!- Mommy Spooner


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