Literally saw it all

Tonight at work we had a patient pass away. Now you might think that is just par for the course being a Nurse And all...but very rarely these days do you see a patient who lives to the ripe old age of 105. I know, almost unbelievable. I cannot even fathom living through all of that. Thats a lot of history... imagine being alive through both world wars, the great depression, the 60s And 70s...She probably watched Kennedy's assasinaton on tv live, not to mention all the different presidents and international happenings. Some people might think it would be horrible to live that long... but she was in amazing health. The worst part about living that long would be all of the prsonal loss. Your friends, and especially the loved ones/family. To see all the changes that have happened, from cars to computers to fashion. Just mind blowing to me. Think about it... would you want to live that long.


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